Voter registration information for The Bahamas General Election 2017

Who are you voting for in 2017?

You wish there was another party

Total number of votes since 2016-02-16: (4222)

Why should I vote?

Vote for the love of your country

The absolute ONLY way to make a change is to vote. This isn't an opinion or some political propaganda, it's a fact. The party with the most votes win. End of story. The next 5 years will be dictated by us, the voters. No one else.

Time is Short

There isn't much time until the next election and registration is quick and painless. People are truly struggling to make ends meet. Yet the people in government are padding their pockets so they and their family will never want again.

Voting in Numbers

You can easily share this site on your Facebook or Twitter to tell all your friends how easy it really is to register to vote. You share cats and pictures of your food, but isn't who's making your laws and ruling your people something more important to share?

Where can I go to Register?

The below are open from 9am to 4pm MONDAY - SATURDAY

Get Started Registering!

What do I need to register?


Persons registering to vote in the upcoming 2017 elections in The Bahamas must prove the following:

  • That they are citizens of The Bahamas and that they are of age to vote (18) and are not subject to any legal incapacity.
  • That they have resided in a particular constituency for a period of (at least) 3 months.
  • Before registering it is the duty of the Revising Officer that the documents provided actually belong to the applicant.


Please, Bahamian people, if you have a passport, bring it.

  • The Passport - MUST BE A CURRENT PASSPORT - any passport expired for more than 1 year will ONLY be able to be used as a photo ID, NOT as proof of citizenship. Focus people.
  • Your old Voter's Card - This item MUST MUST MUST be accompanied by a PASSPORT or Birth Certificate.
  • Bahamian Citizenship Certificate of Registration or Naturalization - This MUST come with Birth Certificate
  • Bahamian Birth Certificate - This item MUST be accompanied by a PHOTO ID (Driver's Licence, NIB Card, etc) and his/her monther's Passport or Birth Certificate.

* Please note the below items ARE NOT Proof of Bahamian Citizenship and only may be used as supporting documents

  • The Affidavit
  • Driver's Licence
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Immunization Record

"To afford every eligible Bahamian the opportunity to be registered and to vote in free and fair elections. To guarantee every eligible citizen equal rights and access to the electoral system, in determining who should govern the country."